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Seamlessly search, identify, and manage the best events with confidence.

No more email walls, no more hassle, no more uncertainty

Confir is a platform that lets teams plan, execute, and measure their field and event marketing efforts.

Deep dive into the data. Discover the opportunities that are right for your company like never before.

Manage your budget and events calendar. Be confident with your choices. Justify them with our report builder.

Our A.I. recommendations optimize your KPIs for any budget size, finally providing transparency and giving you data based results.

Our Services

Our platform enables teams to search through the richest set of events data points, as well as recommends opportunities that align with their target KPIs.

Strategic Discovery

Discover events based on your unique event marketing profile.

Identify Opportunities

A.I. powered recommendations, that fit your goals.

Sponsorship Builder

Mix and match and create a sponsorship package right for you.

Price Recommender

Never again will you overpay for a sponsorship opportunity.

Predictive ROI

Giving you insights ahead of time on what to expect, and how to best prepare.

Report Builders

Get your budget proposals approved in no time with our report builder.

Change the way you approach field events marketing.
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