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Bern, Switzerland

Learn about the latest trends in frontend web technologies in an inspiring, open environment. Meet and connect with our speakers and other like-minded, passionate developers.


Paris, France

The conference aims to give talks that inspire and explore new futuristic ideas dealing with all the techs we enjoy from the React ecosystem such as React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, Universal apps, Webpack, inline CSS and more.

Holy JS

St. Petersburg, Russia

HolyJS 2018 Piter is a JavaScript conference that will take place in St. Petersburg on May 19 - 20, 2018. It’s not just another frontend event. HolyJS is a unique conference dedicated to JavaScript only. HolyJS 2018 Piter will be the fifth in a row JS conference held by JUG.ru Group. More than 500 JS developers will be brought together to discuss the present and future of JavaScript community with the world’s leading experts like Douglas Crockford, Lea Verou, Azat Mardan, Gerard Sans, Minko Gechev, Vitaly Friedman — dozens of frontend talks and much more. We’ll dwell on both backend and desktop. Besides, it is guaranteed that all the talks will be on technical topics without any Agile, Scrum and team management stuff.


Warsaw, Poland

Front-Trends 2018 is the 8th annual web development and design conference, dedicated to upcoming front-end technologies, ideas and practices. Developers from all experience levels should join us on May 24-25 in Warsaw, for a special gathering of quality front-end content and conversation.

Front Trends

Warsaw, Poland

Front-Trends 2018 is the 8th annual web development and design conference, dedicated to upcoming front-end technologies, ideas and practices.

Amsterdam JS

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam JS is a full-day event focused exceptionally on JavaScript development where both inspirational and pragmatic talks meet fresh nerdy ideas and good people in a special Amsterdamish setup.

Building IoT

Cologne, Germany

The building IoT is the conference for IT professionals who develop applications and products in the Internet of Things. It gives you an up-to-date overview of the key aspects of IoT development and the ever-growing ecosystem of opportunities and risks.

Web Rebels

Oslo, Norway

A community driven conference for and by developers who love creating stuff using web technology. A member of the JSConf family of conferences.

Best of Web

Paris, France

19 Paris web meetups gather to offer you a Best Of of their talks of the year, as well as a lot of unpublished and a day of training.


Tallinn, Estonia

GeekOut is a Java technology conference that started as a single-day event in 2011 and has grown into a full-blown, two-day show for amazing developers. The focus of the conference is on Java, the JVM, covering developer tooling, solution architecture, programming methodologies, continuous delivery and programming languages for the JVM platform.


New York, NY

Events for developers who use JavaScript on the Front End, Back End, Desktop, and beyond!

GraphQL Europe 2018

Berlin, Germany

GraphQL Europe is a non-profit GraphQL conference in Europe with speakers from all around the world. Learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts and become part of the thriving GraphQL community. GraphQL Europe is organized by Graph.Cool and Honeypot.


Darmstadt, Germany

As always, JavaScript is the only language that enables consistent and end-to-end full-stack development, from UI / UX and single-page applications through REST APIs, business logic, and Web real-time to databases, message queues, and other services.


Denver, CO

DinosaurJS is a non-profit, community-driven JavaScript conference in Denver, Colorado. DinosaurJS is part of the JSConf Family of Events and adheres to the JSConf Code of Conduct.

Smashing Conference Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Welcome SmashingConf #noslides, a brand new conference in Toronto, full of interactive live sessions, showing how web designers design and how web developers build: including setup, workflow, design thinking, naming conventions and everything in-between.

Chain React

Portland, OR

The Chain React Conference was started in 2017 by the team at Infinite Red, who wanted nothing more than to learn from other React Native enthusiasts, eat great food, and nerd out about redux vs mob-x.


Denver, CO

Speakers at ÜberConf emphasize and present on topics such as: Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Code Quality Measurements, Code Smells, Team Building, and Customer Collaboration.


Edinburgh, Scotland

On July 19th and 20th 2018, ScotlandJS returns with it's tried and trusted single track format and fast paced 20 minute talks with discussion slots with speakers after every 3 talks


San Francisco, CA

Join your friends and colleagues in the Node.js community for presentations and keynotes covering everything from technical talks to case studies detailing Node.js enterprise implementation at some of the world’s largest companies.

Web Directions Code

Melbourne, Australia

Whether you call yourself a coder, a programmer a developer or engineer, if your job is to build and deliver robust, fast, secure, engaging web experiences, Code is for you. Code is for front end engineers: JavaScript and Web developers, engineering leads, engineering managers, devops experts, CTOs.

React Rally

Salt Lake City, UT

React Rally is a two day single track conference for developers of all backgrounds using Facebook's React.js, React Native, and related tools.

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